My name is Ryan Galway, owner of Sleepless Lyfe. Though I’ve always been someone who has led the sleepless lifestyle, I’m also a dreamer. Over the years managing music acts and working with people who live the alternative to a traditional path, I saw an opportunity. I wanted to build a brand that encapsulates what it means to have an active, engaging lifestyle - a desire to do more in the limited hours of the day by making the most of the time we have. 

That said, Sleepless LYFE… It is a way of life. 

...But that’s where Sleepless is different from other brands. It isn’t JUST about giving you the energy to thrive in life’s stressful situations - It’s about the feeling we leave you with long after you’ve sat down and reflected over your accomplishments We, as a brand, care most about giving you the tools to live your best life. We want to give you the confidence to know that you look good because you feel good. ‘Anything this day throws at me, I can handle. I’m going to win.’ 

Don’t let life’s moments pass you by because you don’t have the energy to tackle what the world may put in your way. Embrace those sleepless nights that lead to memorable mornings. We’re here to share in those moments. No matter where you come from or where you want to go, our goal is this: Make it special!